Charlotte Snook’s practice is deeply invested in allegory, art history and re-imagination. Velazquez’s ‘Las Meninas’, Rodin’s intricate Gates of Hell, Giambattista Tiepolo’s drawings, Goya’s ‘Black Paintings’, the story of Judith and Holofernes, and Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, sources full of elegance and violence, set the foundations for Snook’s creation of her own powerful, enchanted world. The paintings are populated with vaguely familiar yet unknown quantities, smeared and spontaneously reworked into oblivion. The minimalism of the drawings commune with piles of sinners and the sinned against. The damned figures lead us back to tension in the paintings. Snook’s themes follow each other from drawing to canvas and sculpture and back again, mutating and exposing fresh human vulnerabilities with each reinvention we encounter.Her themes follow each other from drawing to canvas and sculpture and back again, mutating and exposing fresh human vulnerabilities with each reinvention we encounter. The work takes us to the edge and asks us to question what we see. As a viewer, one looks for a safe place to rest–places to identify and name. Snook gives us a platform to jump from… but the excitement of these works is that there is no place to truly land or settle.

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Kate Bramwell-Cole commissioned a set of fashion shots for her new online shop. Tim Nathan produced and directed stills and an excellent promo video to use on the web and social media.
The visual impact and immense communicative value of TASS posters have been evident since they were first created - in June 1941
Cuttlefish are nearly all exported to the continent, but the Eurozone crisis has made this more difficult, so we need to develop a market for them here in the UK, something we're happy to do. At HASTINGS TV we thought you would like to support our friends on the beach as they truly are, the soul of our community. Sussex Sea Fisheries Committee has judged the level of fishing well within sustainable limits. They’ve also started to lay artificial substrate in breeding areas to provide a safe place for eggs to develop away from greedy predators. Shop local !!
From Oliver Cherer's album "Most Days" Video Promo by Mark French.
HTV are proud to be working with the good governance Institute. Its predictions and observations of performance in the NHS during this pandemic present great opportunities. Will they be missed? Andrew Corbet-Nolan presents three short videos. "Rather sadly GGI predicted that NHS governance would return to full-fat routines as we pulled through the first stage of the pandemic and disappointingly we are right. The reason we believe is a misappreciation of what actually happened to board working in those three months and as sure as eggs are eggs NHS governance will return back to a porridge of lengthy board and committee meetings and the famed 200 page papers #valuecreation #leadership #governance #healthcare #ethics #medicalmanagement . But understanding what actually happened those three months helps find a way to keep decision making agile and assurance focussed on only the necessary"