Great to have Alex in the studio with his work.

Alex Russell Flint is a British artist specialising in representational narrative works in oil and charcoal.

Often set within or around L’Ancienne Ecole, his home in central France, ARF’s paintings have a stillness charged with an undercurrent of drama, and strike a balance between the classical and the contemporary.

Along with solo, joint and group shows in London, Ireland and the United States, and countless commissions, his artwork has been used for the front cover of Donna Tartt's 'Secret History' and his French home and studio featured in various interior design publications including Condé Nast's, 'World of Interiors'.

Alex is represented by Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Soho, New York.

He is the great-grandson of artist, Sir William Russell Flint.




Working with Alex Russell Flint in the studio producing photographic documentation. He is a British artist specialising in representational narrative works in oil and charcoal.
We were very happy to host The Cambridge Satchel Company for their Autumn Collection shoot INSPIRED BY THE BRITISH COASTLINE
Cuttlefish are nearly all exported to the continent, but the Eurozone crisis has made this more difficult, so we need to develop a market for them here in the UK, something we're happy to do. At HASTINGS TV we thought you would like to support our friends on the beach as they truly are, the soul of our community. Sussex Sea Fisheries Committee has judged the level of fishing well within sustainable limits. They’ve also started to lay artificial substrate in breeding areas to provide a safe place for eggs to develop away from greedy predators. Shop local !!
"It is as if the drama and anticipation of changing skies and moody seas echo the complication and confusion of our troubled minds. These scenes witnessed through a lens and cast within a frame speak of personal human pain, experiences and circumstances, temper our suffering. The sea and sky bring us a calm wonder and visceral moments in time. Nature's visual gift to us is that of peace and joy." EDDIE KNIGHT
HSBC corporate photos
HSBC commissioned shoot for company marketing shot in studio.